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Knowing Your Customers is More Than a Zip Code

Posted by stephaniesharp on April 30, 2009

Today’s blog is inspired from a mailer I received from Domino’s Pizza. There were a few things that caught my eye from a marketing standpoint. One in particular jumped out at me as a likely problem. Along with some coupons half of the one side of the mailer included the baseball schedule for the Philadelphia Phillies. This was the particular potential mistake that I immediately noticed. You may be asking why I view this as a mistake. Well, here in Hamilton, New Jersey we have Phillies fans and Yankees fans and Mets fans. And they are all fanatical about their team and pretty much can’t stand any of the others (to put it mildly). So with three major league teams enjoying large fan support, why did Domino’s decide to advertise the Phillies schedule?

I can only make an assumption. We are considered in the Philadelphia TV market even though our cable company carries all of the Philadelphia and New York stations. In fact we had quite the broohaha a few years ago because the cable company did not carry the YES network so the Yankee fans were up in arms.

Locally we have a minor league team, the Trenton Thunder. I think it may have been a smarter marketing move to put the Thunder schedule on their mailer instead of the Phillies. Why potentially upset some of your customers? How favorably will a Yankees fan view the mailer? A Mets fan?

If you are going to tie a promotion in with another franchise such as a sports team, I think you need to do more research on the demographics and not base it just on the zip code.

The other small mistake I saw — the schedule is printed in 5 or 6 point serif font. For the home games it is reversed out. A pretty basic rule for graphic design is to never use serif type reversed out at a small size. It makes it difficult to read. If I am a Phillies fan, don’t they want the schedule to be readable and useful? If it’s not readable, then it is not useful.

Your thoughts?

P.S. Domino’s, if you need any marketing or design help in the area, give me a call. 609-392-8724


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